Day 168

The scale hasn’t moved in weeks.
I have a choice.
I can get all pissed off about a number and some gravitational pull….or I can be thankful.
Thankful I am healthier.
Thankful I can walk FIVE MILES when 6 months ago I couldn’t walk five steps without hurting.
Thankful I feel like a million bucks.
Thankful I can knit this gorgeous matching hat and scarf.
Thankful I have finally learned from some dear friends how to apply makeup so I look like a glowing snow bunny. (ctc)
Do I still have more weight to lose? Hell yes.
But am I more than a number?

You betcha.



Day 161


Ahhhhh social media.
Where photoshop and selective truth-telling makes us all seem like models and riders of unicorns.
But what’s left when the 100 retakes and the good angles and the graphics are taken away?
I want to be authentic. But what if that means revealing love handles? Or double chins? Or a face without makeup? THE HORROR!
I ate like crap during the holidays. There I said it. I’m pretty sure the only veggies I ate were salsa and the green onion in some cheeseball. I ate too much, too many times per day, didn’t get enough fluids, and slacked on my vitamins.
And what’s my result?
My weight is the same. But my mental state has changed. I don’t have the same pride in myself. I am tired. And grumpy.
Choosing indulgence over discipline does something to my brain. It makes me sad.
And that’s not who I am.
I’m not about being perfect or even beating myself up for poor choices.
I AM about feeling great. Being strong. Loving myself. Walking in victory.
That’s more difficult when I’m weighed down by guilt and cheeseball.
Yet another lesson learned.
Let’s make good choices for ourselves, and be real when we make mistakes.
There is power in vulnerability.

Day 155

Okay people! I have had many folks ask for this recipe, so here it is. I created this to use as a salad dressing that isn’t oil based, so instead of oil I use canned coconut milk. I buy the coconut milk and the almond butter at Trader Joes.
This is fantastic over garlic chicken, salad, veggies, all kinds of things. I drizzle this over Asian slaw mix, water chestnuts, grilled chicken and chopped cashews.
Whisk all ingredients together over medium-low heat. Enjoy!

peanut sauce

Day 156

Happy 2016 all. I have resolved to make no resolutions for the new year.
You know why?
New year’s resolutions are crap.
We all know that the weight gain and subsequent guilt of the holiday season forces us to make resolutions that will be drowning in cheese sauce and margaritas by next week.
Come on now.
We have to do better EVERY day. Not just the first 2 weeks of January.
I am not perfect. I still weigh more than both of my tweens put together. Weight loss surgery does NOT fix everything. It is merely a tool to help. I still mess up. I ate sugar more than once this holiday season, and paid for it. But more often than not I’m MAKING BETTER CHOICES! And I’m making progress.
Every day.
My tips for improving health, vitality and energy are the following:
1. Every single morning, before you do anything else, drink 32 ounces of water. No exceptions.
2. I eat either avocado, coconut oil or bone broth every day. Good fat and collagen are important. When you remove fat completely from your diet, you may be thinner but you’ll look haggard. And aged. So eat some good, healthy, natural fat. (Ask a dietitian if you don’t believe me.)
3. Choose real food over convenience packaging. A homemade chopped Thai salad takes the same 5 minutes as heating up a frozen “diet” meal laden with chemicals and void of nutrition.
4. Move your butt. No excuses. I have fractured my feet THREE times. I was hurting. A lot. So when I started, I couldn’t even walk to the fridge without getting winded. So the first week, I walked to the end of my driveway. The next week, I pushed myself to the end of my neighbor’s driveway. Every week I pushed myself past another driveway until I could lap the hood as many times as I wanted. Now I’ve lost 90 pounds and can walk anywhere.
5. Every single day, just do the best you can today. Stop beating yourself up for last night’s ice cream and cookies. Stop focusing on the 20, 50 or 100+ pounds you want to lose. Just do better today. You can do anything for one day. And then when tomorrow becomes today, do it over again. Before you know it, 5 months of todays will have passed, and you’ll be healthier. It works.
Progress, not perfection my friends. Happy 2016 to us all.


Day 154

My sister started selling Younique makeup this year. This is a pic of me after this evening’s makeover.

Feelin pretty damn sexy right about now. 🙂

Oh and by the way, I’ve lost 80+ pounds. Happy New Year, bizzles.



Day 153

I have my sis to thank for this one. For Christmas she bought me an Asian slaw mix at Sam’s Club. (Yes I’m serious.) It comes with a dressing that has too much sugar in it, so I’m working on perfecting my own.
For lunch today I created a little chopped Thai salad. I used Asian slaw mix, (cabbages, cilantro, carrot) some leftover garlic chicken, green onion, and a few chopped cashews. I topped it with a homemade sesame-ginger dressing and some sugar-free peanut sauce. Once I get the dressing exactly right, I will post the recipe!


Day 148

Merry Christmas from mine to yours! True to tradition, we are spending the day in our new jammies and watching Christmas classics.
I made jalapeño popper cheeseball and sugar-free peppermint mocha coffee. Mmmm hmmmm.
What are your traditions?


Day 140

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…weight loss is weird.
A couple of weeks ago, I put my winter coat on and was like, “what the??”
It was too big.
And by too big I mean my kids could have fit into it with me.
I know I’ve lost weight. But I still feel like me. So when I put on my coat and it’s 2 sizes too big, it still freaks me out for a sec.
But then I go online and buy a new coat, THAT ISN’T BLACK, and rejoice that it is cute, smaller, and cheaper. (Larger sizes are pricey!)
Merry Christmas to me! And to you. What goals are you setting for yourself this year?