I love this photo. It makes me happy.
My sister and I have always been besties, (well, almost always) and the past 7 months have been no exception.
She has been my best support since surgery, and my toughest accountability partner.
She checks in on me, encourages me, challenges me.
She calls to see if I’m drinking. She texts to make sure I’m moving my butt and staying hydrated.
Everyone needs a Carrie. And you can’t have mine! Get your own. 😂
In other news…I’m happy to report that my BMI is finally under 40!
Translation: I am no longer classified as morbidly obese.
Translation: I would not qualify for weight-loss surgery if I applied for it at this weight. (Let that sink in!)
Translation: I can purchase life insurance.
Translation: Health and happiness truly is found in the journey and not at a magical perfect number on the scale.
Goals are good. Obsession is not!


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