I have some really challenging mental battles going on right now. (And this, after two years of therapy.)
I am not ready to open this can of worms up fully and publicly….but I will share this:
I went to the store this morning with cruel intentions.
Peanut M&M’s.
Chili cheese Fritos.
Luckily, the voice of my friend and dietitian Stephanie Yeadon took over, and I left with the items in this photo instead.
I am more sure every day that morbid obesity is merely a symptom of a mental disorder.
There I said it.
What you see on the outside is merely an outward consequence of what’s going on in my head.
But I changed the size of my stomach, and hence my ability to binge eat last July when I had weight-loss surgery.
But no surgery in the world can remove the demons in my head.
I can still make poor choices. I can drink alcohol. I can eat small amounts of crap food instead of food that is nutritious.
Switching from food to alcohol has a name. It’s called addiction transfer.
I admit it. I was going to purchase that wine for my Friday night after work.
But as I passed the heirloom tomatoes I thought of my friend Stephanie and how many times she brought me those tiny tomatoes from her garden during the summer months.
And right then I stopped myself. And made a better choice.
Still think weight-loss surgery is going to cure all your problems and make you skinny forever?
Think again.


Unexpected weight-loss bonus:
My feet have shrunk 1 full size. What the? I have no explanation but with already canoe-like feet, I’ll take it.
New $24 pleather slip-ons?
Yes please!


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