Just finished up my morning yoga.
Yep. You read that right.
Yoga is about strength. And flexibility. And taking the time to focus and meditate and breathe.
It’s not about being skinny. Or having a peach-toosh. Or even being bendy.
I do what I can, and guess what?
Each day I can do a bit more.
And I will not quit this time. I don’t have to be perfect. Or weigh a certain number.
I just have to keep moving.
So get up today. If you took zero steps yesterday, take 5 today. If you haven’t stretched in a while, start with a few bends.
All together now….progress not perfection! Keep it moving, lovey.
P.S. LOVING that Facebook tagged my sister here because face recognition thinks this pic is of her and not me. Tee hee!



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