Day 85

Look what arrived last night. Eeeeek!
I am ready to step up my exercise routine from walking to Pi-Yo. That’s a combo of Pilates and Yoga.
And by ready I mean NOT ready.
I am straight up scared. There I said it. SCARED!
But I have been watching my friend Christina’s posts on Facebook, so I decided to give it a try.
I figure even if I can only do 17.2 seconds of it at first, that’s 17.2 seconds more than I did yesterday.
The bottom line is that such a large weight loss in such a short amount of time can lead to a saggy core and belly, if you’re not toning.
And who wants to look/feel like a skeleton with a poop sack in the front?
Not this girl!
Thanks Christina! Looking forward to an even healthier me.



Day 80

Day 80.
Many people have asked how I have kept my “glow” post-surgery.
It has nothing to do with expensive skin care products. (I use Dove soap and Oil of Olay original lotion.)
The quality of my skin and hair starts by nourishing myself from within.
Every opportunity I get, I infuse plant food into my intake. That means a handful of spinach or berries blended into my protein drink, or cooking some chicken in pureéd black beans and zucchini.
Here is my haul from Trader Joe’s today:
Sea salt, unsweetened almond milk, frozen berry mix, frozen asparagus, frozen peppers, frozen mushroom medley, frozen Indian entrees, coconut milk, black beans, raw almond butter, turmeric, smoked paprika, avocado, lime, Roma tomato, apples, sweet potato, and a Brussels sprout stalk.
I will cook with all of these items today, to make super nutritious frozen meals for myself. This food and the chicken I have in the fridge, will feed me for over a month.
When you are only eating 2 ounces of food for a meal, every bite counts.

trader joes

Day 73

Day 73.
Reason #4,396 I love my colleagues. This is P.A. week, and we had an office potluck for breakfast today.
Jill, our resident foodie, made a chipotle braised chicken and bean stew with poached eggs, because she knew it was something everyone could enjoy.
It’s easier to resist donuts and quiche when there are healthy and delicious choices! Thanks Jill! xoxo


Day 73.
Being overweight takes away a lot of things. Sure, it can take away things like confidence. And energy. And even motivation.
But for me it took away 3 of my favorite things.
Belts and boobs. (Yes I said 3 things….count again.)
Until today, I hadn’t worn a belt in 15 years. I didn’t have a waist. Now I am wearing a belt, and yes it is holding up my pants. 😋
And no….those aren’t the heads of newborn twin babies…though they are “the twins.” The girls had been masked by bad bras and an unforgiving fat roll for far too long.
Welcome back leather belts and lopsided lovelies. You’ve been missed!


Day 70

Day 70.
Hair, glorious hair! It’s a big hair day, thanks to my protein and vitamin intake.
I’m feeling great, sleeping like a baby, and walking every single day. This is the best I’ve felt in years.
This weekend was the Riley Festival in my hometown, and lo and behold, it is possible to attend without eating a Lion’s Paw. (Like an elephant ear) This had always been my favorite fair food. Instead I opted for a gyro, without the bread, which was incredible. Just lamb, tomato, onion and Greek yogurt.
Topped off with a sugar-free decaf latte, it was a good compromise to an old, bad habit. I consumed responsibly and still lost some weight. And P.S. As of this morning, I’ve passed the mark of losing 50 pounds. FIFTY. 5-0. Fitty! Woot woot!

close up